Urban Trek – San Francisco, CA

Day 17 – June 25, 2016

Mileage – 77,447 (minus the distance back to Candlestick)

San Francisco, CA


We are excited to start our urban exploration today, but first order of business is to scrub 2 weeks of grime off of people and home. We have electric and water hook up and onsite laundry, so to work we all go. The result is a clean and fresh crew heading into San Francisco. First order of business in the city is to find parking, not an easy task in a 24-foot RV. We cruise the seashore where there are open lots. The sun and the waves are beautiful, the parking not so much. Up to the presidio, where we find a corner spot just up above the bridge. Our urban hike begins.

After stopping at the Golden Gate National Monument to find out it’s more than five miles to the Warf we opt for public transportation – bus route 28. It’s a quick ride and we are at Ghirardelli Square. The sweet allure is too much and after hemming and hawing over where to get a sandwich, we duck into the Ghirardelli scoop shop for lunch, consensus can’t be reached on which two sundaes to order, so we get three – cherry, salted caramel and brownie, and dark chocolate mint; way to decadents. Half of the sundaes get eaten.

Kevin’s primary goal is to see the sea lions; Pier 39 is the next stop. We aren’t disappointed. Though may of the sea lions are out at sea for breeding season, a small drove permanently sunbath at the pier. One regal male seems to be posing for the crowd. It’s packed downtown!

Secondary goal, see the street performers, is accomplished next. Always enamored by the statue like bronze and silver painted figures, Teryn and Kevin stop to watch as one performer goes from dead still to a lively rendition of a mechanical toy. Check, street performance accomplished.

Now the girls get to experience the hills of San Francisco as we walk to Lombardy Street to watch to cars come down the most crooked street. We are working off the ice cream! Up we go to look at Alcatraz from the top of the city, and down we wind to get to the cable care museum. The history of the cable cars and the 1906 earthquake and fires is rich; we are all fascinated. One job we decide we don’t want, sitting and watching the cables spin at the cable car station.

China town is a tradition in every city thanks to our friend, Abbie Harris. It’s the next stop along with finding a noodle house to complete the true Chinatown experience. Sorry Abbie, no bubble tea this time, after Toronto, New York, Washington DC, Montreal, we have decided that good bubble tea is few and far between. The noodle house stands up to expectations, the service is superb and Teryn is able to get a Ramune soda. This time it’s her responsibility to open the soda, which takes a humorous several tries; she succeeds.

No trip to San Francisco is complete without a cable car ride, and though the wait-staff implores us to take an Uber (because it will be least expensive) we venture back on the cable car then bus 28. Mission nearly complete, we stop to learn a little about the history of the bridge, it’s 4-year construction, and to view holograms of the building process. The bridge itself is regal in the afternoon light.

Finally, Kevin’s anxiety is put to rest when the motor home is still safe and sound where we left it. Time to cross the regal bridge, from which the view of the Bay and City is extraordinary.

Provisions are running low, so Trader Joe’s, just across the bridge is a must. It’s like a puzzle trying to get things to fit in the freezer. “Be careful when you open the overhead compartments; baggage may have shifted during the flight”, definitely applies here; the next person who opens the freezer is going to take their life in their own hands.

We are on our way again to find a resting place for the night with our sights set on a costal campground north of point Reyes National Seashore. Shortly into the trip on a bumpy road the freeze decides to tell us what it thinks, and literally projectile vomits its contents out as Logan ducks and Jenney scrambles to secure the contents; it’s rather humorous.

Logan and Teryn succumb to the weariness from their urban adventure and fall fast asleep in their chairs. Kevin and Jenney discuss the fact that motor home is likely well equipped for an earthquake as it thunders down the road shaking it’s contents loose daily. The irony, safely tucked away in a tsunami zone we settle in for the night.